About Metropolitan

Metropolitan Business Academy integrates business concepts and skills into all areas of its college preparatory education. Through an interdisciplinary approach, Metropolitan prepares students for further study in a wide range of business enterprises so students can compete in a 21st century global economy.

Students at Metropolitan Business Academy choose a course of study in one of four academic pathways. Academy of Allied Health and Science, Academy of Digital Arts and Technology, Academy of Finance, or the Academy of Law and Political Science.

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Final Exams

The final exam schedule and study guides are now available under the Academics tab. Click here to access it directly!

Midterm Exams

Midterm Exams for the 2014-2015 school year will take place over four days starting Tuesday, January 13th and ending Friday, January 16th.  There is an early dismissal each day at […]

Student Art Show

Almost every month this year, Fuel Coffee has displayed the work of local LGBT artists, and David Roman and Julianna Migliaro have been selected for the month of December.  Their […]